Belliure Endurance 50
Belliure Endurance 50
Mediterranean Sea
  • 780.000
  • 15.65 M0 MPH3

Classic lines with a modern attitude, from the prestigious Belliure shipyard.

From the prestigious Spanish shipyard Belliure launches its first unit of the New Endurance 50. A 50 feet in the spirit of “super yacht”, it combines classic lines with a modern attitude, fruit of the close collaboration of Vicente Belliure with the naval designer, Iñigo Toledo.

Maintaining the warmth, attractiveness and character of the original, the new and improved Belliure Endurance 50 has been designed with significant improvements in rigging, deck, interior and appendages, transforming the original design into an attractive proposition, very interesting for future shipowners in the growing semi-custom market.

Using the most advanced engineering and software tools available, Barracuda has introduced a lighter 20% lighter boat with better performance in all areas. The ballast ratio has been increased from 32 to 38% and the centre of gravity has been reduced, improving upwind performance and increasing stability. The new rigging and sail plane incorporate a longer boom and increase the sail area per leech, which translates into better upwind performance with 8 knots at 32º instead of the 7 knots at 40º recorded with the previous cut.

Apart from changes in the number, size and location of the portlights on the hull, its attractive V-line remains virtually unchanged. What they have varied are the appendages, with a keel of better profile and deeper that improves performance by 20% and an increased surface area on the rudder blade that increases sensations when sailing and sensitivity.

But the changes and improvements are not just about navigation and manoeuvring performance. The new deck plan, with a low profile roof and flush hatches, proposes exterior areas of intense and comfortable use.

As in all Mediterranean cruises, the bathtub is a neuralgic point and of special consideration, so its volume has increased significantly increasing from 2 to 4 m in length. When it is time to enjoy the sea, the central aft section is simply and safely lowered.

As far as the interior layout is concerned, the major changes have been aimed at repositioning the shipowner’s cabin to the bow and accommodating two double cabins in the stern section. All this translates into a better rest for the owner when mooring from the stern, and the inclusion of a separate toilet in each of the aft cabins is an intelligent design detail to make guests on board a Belliure Endurance 50 feel a little more special.

Boat type:Monohull
Manufacturer:ENDURANCE 50
Charter guest:0


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